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Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set – Newborn & Toddlers 4 Pcs Gift.

1) AN ESSENTIAL BABY HAIR BRUSH SET – Non-Static Eco-Friendly set for newly delivered mommy and daddy to take good care of their beloved one. It’s comprised 1 Soft Goat Hair Bristle Brush, 1 Wood Massage Brush, 1 Wood Comb and Cradle Cap Silicone Brush. Each item has its own special Functions, Features and Benefits as described below Product Description.

2) PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Ideal 4 in 1 set Presentable Valuable Gift with Beautiful & Chic Present Box by providing the BEST Caring and Protection for our Own, Friend or Colleague’s Newborn. It is suitable either for Babies until Child age’s Boys or Girls. Prevent their hair from detangling with better growth. Let’s buy one now for your beloved one!

3) PROVIDES CARES AND BENEFITS FOR BABIES – Premium natural soft toolset to protect the baby’s soft spot during the shower and whatever time. Daily scalp massages and help in dispersing hair oil to prevent or reduce cradle cap, stimulates blood circulation, and relax to comfort baby to let them have a good night’s sleep to keep baby happy and healthy.

4) NON-STATIC ECO-FRIENDLY HAIRBRUSH AND WOODEN COMB – Unlike typical plastic combs and brushes that cause clingy static electricity with sparking to scare and spoil baby’s mood. This soft Brush and solid Comb set is a reliable kit for parents, mothers, and fathers to relax and have fun with their baby. Create a daily ritual to bond a good and trusting relationship with the loved one.

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