puzzles for adults

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✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP! Our artist creates original hand drawn digital illustrations specifically for our 19.6-inch x 29.5-inch puzzles. Once completed, the production team uses a hydraulic press along with a cutting mold to produce our puzzles. We use a high friction MDF wood along with a narrow gap cut between each puzzle piece to ensure a tight fit. The puzzle can even be lifted and moved while remaining assembled! Our puzzles are finished with a glossy clear coat.
✔️ OUR PUZZLES ARE ATTRACTIVE, FUN, AND CHALLENGING FOR ALL LEVELS OF PUZZLER! Whether you have been puzzling for years or just begun, you will love putting our puzzles together! We have included a full-sized poster of our artwork along with an Alphabet Guide printed on the back to help you figure out where the next piece goes. If you hit a stumbling point you can use the Alphabet guide and put each section together individually.
✔️ DECORATIVE PACKAGING! Our puzzles come packaged in a colorful keepsake box made of recycled cardboard. Inside the box you will find the puzzle pieces stored in a pretty mesh bag that includes drawstrings for convenient safe keeping. Lastly, a dust-free silica gel packet is included in each mesh bag for maximum protection from humidity to keep your puzzle pieces dry.
✔️ DESIGNED AND TESTED IN THE USA! While our products are manufactured overseas, the artwork design is done by American artist Steve Hidook. Product testing, research, and development is completed by team members in the United States. We are extremely dedicated to giving you the best possible experience with our products. Our customer service team works hard to answer your inquiries in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our TOP priority!
✔️ THE MISSING PIECE GUARANTEE! It is extremely frustrating to work so hard on a puzzle to then find that it is missing a piece. We understand that and offer a missing piece guarantee! A subset of each batch of our puzzles goes through a rigorous 3rd party inspection. If you happen to be missing a piece once the puzzle is completed, simply send us a picture highlighting the missing piece and we will send you the replacement puzzle piece in the mail.