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Fun and colorful Dinosaur Theme Series Beach Toys: 3 Dinosaur Animal Molds, 1 Volcano Model Bucket, 1 Brown Dinosaur Paw Rakes, 1 Yellow Dinosaur Digging Tool, 1 Macaron dinosaur shovel, 1 Green Dinosaur Head Shovel
Exclusive Dinosaur-themed Beach Toys: The concept of our beach toys comes from different dinosaur models. We believe that when children play with these beautiful toys, it will be unique and will add more fun; when you put them on the beach, it will also be like a work of art.
Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Fun: Keep your child busy on the beach for hours, soaring in the world of dinosaurs, having fun in various creative shapes of dinosaurs. And there are some dinosaur molds to play with and use them to create dinosaur-shaped sand figures and to promote child’s cognitive and imaginative skills.
High Quality and Durable: The burgkidz beach toys are authentic, durable and cleverly designed. Bright colors, easy to carry, and high-quality combinations can keep your child busy and motivated for hours at the beach.
Best Creative Gift: Children love dinosaurs, and they will fall in love with this dinosaur-element beach toy. This dinosaur beach toys sand toys set will be the perfect thing for your outing at the beach. Best creative gift for children and toddlers on birthdays and holidays.