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Care Guidelines: Succulents are known for their easy care requirements. Simply place them in areas with soft high sunlight areas, and water infrequently, allowing the soil to thoroughly dry between waterings. Succulents will thrive with optimal fresh air flow.
Charming Decor: Explore a world of creative options with our assorted mini succulent plants. From memorable wedding favors for guests, to captivating terrarium displays and inspiring garden projects, these vibrant and textured plants elevate any occasion or space.
Adaptation Across Seasons: Please note that succulent plants’ appearances can vary throughout the year due to natural growth patterns and changing seasons. This characteristic ensures an ever-evolving display, allowing you to enjoy a unique garden experience throughout the year.
Availability and Seasonality: Our assortment showcases a wide variety of succulent species, carefully curated for their beauty and hardiness. Keep in mind that availability may vary from photos depending on the season, ensuring you always receive the freshest and most stunning selection.
What to Expect: While the assorted collection includes some repeat species, we’ve designed it to offer a diverse range of succulent species. This collection provides both familiarity and excitement, making sure you have a well-rounded succulent garden that’s full of beauty. As the industry leader in online plants, we offer a quality guarantee covering the health of our plants 100% upon delivery, providing you the ultimate peace of mind while buying plants online.

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