List Price: $21.99
Tester Price: $17.15 (22% Off)
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The Hand/Dish Soap Dispenser – The classic Mason Jar style with a twist! The twist being the specially-designed soap dispensing lid – pun intended. This 16-ounce jar will save you money by allowing you to purchase your favorite soaps in bulk and then refilling the dispenser. Additionally, you’re helping out the environment by avoiding a single-use plastic dispenser that would end up in the waste basket. Go you!

The Apothecary Q-Tip Holder – The 8-ounce apothecary jar and lid combination is so cute. With its style matching the other two items, it is the perfect solution for storing Q-Tips, cotton balls, or anything else on your countertop.

The Toothbrush Holder – This wide-mouthed Mason Jar was specially designed to hold almost any toothbrush AND toothpaste. With two slots, it can hold and separate multiple teeth-cleaning items and keep the germs away.