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[Certification]: The filter element has passed NSF42&53 certification, most other brands on the market do not have this certification.
[Multistage Filtration Technology]: Our countertop water filtration system consists of four layers of filtration. The first layer is natural diatom porcelain can block sediment rust, large particles; The second layer is reactive silver ions; The third layer is high-density activated carbon, filter chlorine, adsorption heterochromatic odor to improve taste; The fourth layer is ATS ion exchange resin, removing heavy metals and harmful substances.
[Protect Your Health]: This countertop filter system is made of composite ceramic, the body is food grade PP, the faucet is made of stainless steel, durable and anticorrosive, significantly improving the taste of drinking water. (From the point of view of drinking health, It also adds beneficial materials like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, thus it cannot lower TDS value.)
[Easy to Use]: The filtration system comes with everything you need to install including water pipes, 5 adapters, rags, etc. You don’t need to drill a hole or invite a plumber. We have it all hooked up in 5 minutes by referring to the instructions. The size of a water bottle, it won’t mess up the counter and is recommended to be placed on the left side of the kitchen sink for easier use. Note: The rubber joint needs to be tightened to keep it from falling off.
[Multi-Scenario Use]: The surface water filtration system is built for different usage scenarios, including your kitchen, bathroom, RV or office, to meet your daily water needs.
[Save Money]: By choosing our filter system , you can save on the cost of buying bottled water and don’t have to worry about the coming summer. The filter element can be cleaned to reduce secondary pollution and extend the service life of the countertop filtration (cleaning once every 2 weeks is recommended)