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【UVC Sanitizing】High penetration UV light effectively eliminates 99.9% of allergen, bacteria, mites. Special-made thermionic cathode quartz UV lamp is much sturdy and has longer service life.
【Oversized Pulsating Pad】Large pulsating pad vibrates in a high frequency to beat the fabrics and agitate the accumulated dust mites, makes the cleaning more thoroughly.
【Powerful Suction+HEPA Filtration】10kpa suction goes directly to the deep cleaning area. True HEPA filter captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, removes dust/pet hair and dander/pollen/mite debris.
【Flexible & Easy to Clean】Equipped with 5 rollers on the bottom to keep this vacuum cleaner moving flexibly no matter what surface it’s on. Detachable and washable accessories are super easy to clean.
【Replacement Filters】Replacemt filter set: B0B4WQKLXG. The filter is washable and reusable, it’s recommended to replace it every 4~6 months according to the actual use and cleaning situation.
【UV Protection】 Auto light-off when the safety switches are not pressed on the cleaning surface to prevent your eyes or skin from exposing to the UV light directly.
【Overheat Protection】Auto shut-off function to protect the machine when the motor is running too hot due to overheat protection. Wait a while for it to cool down then reuse.