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-Perfect for all types of food: Whether you’re storing seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, or snacks, our Al-Titanium Wrap is the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh and delicious.
-Green Lifestyle: Aluminum and titanium has a higher recyle value unlike traditional plastic and can be repurposed for a variety of uses.
-Ultra-Thin Technology: Our Al-Titanium foil, with a precision-crafted thickness of 0.009mm, molds better than conventional plastic wrap, ensuring superior contact with food for fresher food products.
-Light Blocking Technology for Nutrition Preservation: Unlike conventional plastic wraps our al-titanium layer acts as a barrier to light, preventing it from penetrating the plastic and reaching the food inside. This prevent light from degrading the nutrients in our food, maintaining maximum freshness at all times.
-Eliminating Fridge Odor: Our wrap creates a barrier that prevents fridge smells from penetrating your food, ensuring that it stays fresh and delicious.
-Moisture-proof seal: The wrap ensures a moisture-proof seal that keeps your food fresh and prevents it from drying out or becoming stale.
-Good for insulation: The wrap’s unique design provides excellent insulation, keeping your food at the right temperature for longer periods.