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-New Era Al-Titanium: Made of high quality Aluminum Foil mixed with Titanium it blocks air, light, odour and moisture maintaining maximum freshness for any product.
-Plastic-free Lifestyle: Aluminum and titanium has a higher recyle value unlike traditional plastic and can be repurposed for a variety of uses.
-Light Blocking Techonology for Nutrition Preservation: Our al-titanium layer in our food storage bags acts as a barrier to light, preventing it from penetrating the bag and reaching the food inside. This prevent light from degrading the nutrients in our food, maintaining maximum freshness at all times.
-Airtight Sealed Zip: Our Al-Titanium reusable food storage baggies feature an airtight zipper slider design that ensures a leak-proof and secure seal, keeping your food fresh for longer.
-Eliminating Fridge Odor: The food storage bags are designed with an airtight seal that locks in the freshness of the food and prevents any strong odors from escaping, while also keeping outside fridge odors from penetrating the bag
-Reusable: Our food storage bags are designed to be used again and again, reducing waste and being cost efficient in the long run.
-Perfect size (L): With a generous storage capacity of 10.6″ x 11″, our reusable food bags can accommodate a wide range of food items, making them perfect for meal prep, snacks, and more.