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【2 Spin Speed Efficient Cleaning】The electric spin scrubber has 2 adjustable speeds.The first gear is a 400 RPM daily low-speed mode. The second gear is a 500 RPM deep cleaning mode, which can meet different cleaning needs.Press once to power on, then press and hold for 2 seconds to start rotating. Press again to switch to different speeds, and press and hold to turn it off again.
【9 Different Brushes】The cordless electric rotary floor scrubber is equipped with 9 brush heads, which can clean various surface stains, such as wooden floors, car washes, glass, plates, etc. The brush heads of different shapes can also meet the needs of different scenes, such as floors, tile gaps, Bathtub, wash basin, etc. Note: Please refer to the instruction manual for specific usage of various brush heads, and install the brush head required for the desired scene.
【Cordless & Power Display】The cordless design allows you to clean without space restrictions and use it however you want.With a battery capacity of 2000mAh, it has a long-lasting battery life of up to 90 minutes.Battery power display, real-time battery monitoring, letting you know when it needs to be charged.
【Adjustable Retractable Handle】The shower cleaning brush comes with a 3-section retractable adjustable handle that can be attached or detached.The lengths of the 4 sections are 9.65inches、25 inches、33.65inches and 47.2inches. Whether it’s the bathtub or the ceiling, you can easily clean it without bending or kneeling.
【Waterproof & Saft Cleaning】This electric spin scrubber comes with IP68 waterproof rating and high sealing design, which can be cleaned directly under the faucet, but please do not immerse the electric shower brush in water, please remove the brush head and wash it separately. The product has undergone strict waterproof testing and quality inspection, and is very durable and efficient.
【How to remove the brush head】 When you first use it, the brush head may be tightly fixed, making it difficult to remove. Please insert and remove the brush head twice before using it, so it will be easier to remove the brush head later on.