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[Fits All Vacuum Cleaners] Sealegend dryer vent vacuum attachment features a premium EVA elastic universal connector design, compatible with all vacuum cleaners, solving compatibility issues!
[Suitable for Almost All Dryers] The inner height of our vacuum hose attachment is 0.4 inches, while the outer height is only 0.73 inches. Compared to common designs on the market, it features a slimmer design for easy access into narrow crevices!
[DEEP CLEANING] The dryer will accumulate a lot of lint if not cleaned for a long time, resulting in a narrow or even clogged vent. It can help you effectively clean the dryer vent and make the dryer more efficient.
[HOME ESSENTIALS]Our vacuum hose attachment can reach deep into difficult places, perfectly cleaning behind appliances that you can’t easily reach, making your home cleaning easier!
[FIRE PREVENTION] Cleaning the dryer can prevent dryer fires caused by lint accumulation. Regular cleaning can also avoid high cleaning expenses, preventing fires and saving money!