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Chill Out on the Couch with our Easy-to-Use Cup Holder!
Whether you’re watching a movie, playing games, reading a book, or simply lounging on the couch, easily reach for your drink and snack!

***Our couch table armrest cup holder can be placed on armrests with a minimum width of 4.4″***

Enjoy Mess-Free Relaxation!
Designed with a felt bottom, our sofa drink holder tray firmly attaches to your couch’s armchair. With the added silicone stoppers, you never have to think about your drink accidentally spilling and staining your couch!
Made from premium bamboo, its durable construction is built to last. Its bamboo material can be easily wiped clean, so maintenance is a breeze!

Versatile Design Works with Most Sofas
Our multifunctional sofa armrest tray features a flexible design that adjusts perfectly to your couch’s armrest.
Its dedicated cup holder can hold any drinkware—be it a coffee mug, ceramic cup, water tumbler, soda can, or even a cocktail glass! It also features multiple slots for your mug’s handle, so you can quickly put down your mug while watching a scary horror movie or playing an intense video game.

Space-Saving Solution for Small Spaces
Whether you live in a spacious townhouse or a studio apartment, our sofa cup holder is a welcome addition to your space.
Replace bulky side tables with our space-saving drink holder for couch, loveseat, and recliner. Extremely versatile, you can also use it as a flat tray while eating on the couch.

Ideal Gift to Family & Friends
Give it to friends who just moved or surprise your elderly family members who love hanging out on the couch. It’s a gift that your loved ones will surely appreciate!

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