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The Tube is a piece of luggage that is also a travel pillow you stuff with clothes. It resolves common problems air travelers face every day. In addition, It can be used as a customized neck or lumbar support.

This travel essential delivers instant access to extra clothing storage without added baggage fees.

It pays to carry an extra tube with you, that way if your luggage is a bit overweight, you can move the overflow into your tube and avoid those surcharges, you can store enough clothes for 2 to 3 days.

The extra carry-on easy-to-use tube is made of durable, water-resistant nylon and provides extra storage without extra fees to help you and your soft stuff get where you are going with less hassle, just stuff it, clip it to your purse, carry-on, backpack, or a motorcycle, and go.

The tube is Versatubular, perfect for hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, and biking. It is Ideal for fine clothing, we used nylon zippers instead of Velcro to prevent snags in your cashmere sweaters, nylon leggings, or other fine clothing.

The detachable belt accessory will enable you to wear it around your waist like a fanny pack or sling it over your shoulder. Also included are 2 3.5 centimeters metal O-rings that attach to belts and totes without hardware, so you can easily clip your tubes to them.

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