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[Intelligent Noise Reduction] Holyask k10 lavalier microphone is a new generation microphone for iphone & ipad, this wireless microphone can be used for video recording, its cutting-edge DSP noise reduction chip effectively eliminates ambient noise, making the video sound clear and clean.
[Real Time Monitoring]The transmitter has a Tpy-c Real-Time Monitoring port for direct audio monitoring with a Tpy-c headset, providing full control over recording. We simplified usability by removing the voice change function. Still, the professional wireless microphone offers 3 audio input modes: acoustic, reverb, and mute, allowing you to choose the best audio mode for live broadcasts, short videos, and gaming events, ensuring a pro sound experience.
[128 ft Clear Audio Transmission] This iphone microphone uses 2.4Ghz technology to support a stable and reliable transmission range, and the microphone works up to 128 feet in open and unobstructed environments. Ideal for high-fidelity audio reception in live broadcast, video recording and outdoor recording scenarios.
[Plug and Play wireless mic] The wireless lavalier microphone auto pairing, no need to download APP or turn on Bluetooth;Small lapel microphone just plug Rx into your phone .the receiver and portable microphone will pair successfully automatically. Provides efficient and easy-to-use features
[Long Battery Life] Each mini microphone can work continuously for about 6 hours after being fully charged, and the high-capacity charging box can charge each wireless podcast microphone 2.5 times. RX can connect your mobile phone charging cable to charge your phone.2mic are equipped with Tpy-c charging ports, both of which can be charged while working, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power while working.
Note: It can only be used on iPhones/iPads with a Lightning connector, and cannot be used on devices with a USB C connector, such as the iPhone 15 or iPad Pro series.