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With a trendy appearance and multipurpose application, this backpack is the right accessory for any lifestyle. Great for high school, middle school, or elementary school students who need more space for textbooks, homework, and art projects. This bag features 3 front compartments ranging from small to large. Each pocket includes a metal zipper for keeping the contents safe and secure. The transparent material of the bag means you will be able to easily locate your items, but it is also useful for going through security checkpoints at sports games and other events hassle-free. These see-through backpacks are even approved in stadiums and arenas.
-Keep your school or outdoor supplies conveniently available with this special transparent backpack with vibrant grey trim.
-*Main dual zippered compartment (in Inch): 17.5 H x 13 W x 5.5 D. *Second zipper compartment (in Inch): 12 H x 9.5 W x 1.25 D. * Front zipper mesh pocket (in inch): 8 H x 9.5 W. *2 sides zipper pockets: 8 H x 5.5 W
-Features padded adjustable shoulder straps and a fabric haul loop

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