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šŸ”°Multi-Purpose GrindingšŸŸ¢Multi-function grain mill is perfect for daily use and can grind various DRIED/DEHYDRATED materials, including beans, peppers, chili, coffee beans, nuts, grains, cereals, spices, herbs, seasonings and so on. The nucleated or crusty materials should be removed the nuclear or the hard shell and then ground. 400W powerful motor ensure this small grinder mill converts whole coffee beans into freshly ground coffee in less than 10 seconds.
šŸ”°Portable Small Size, 400W MotoršŸŸ¢Portable grinding machine can be held by one hand easily; The compact design occupies minimal counter space and is easy to store in a cabinet or drawer. NOTE: Due to the very high speed of the motor, the machine will heat up slightly. And some burnt smell is normal due to motor running.
šŸ”°Transparent Plastic CoveršŸŸ¢Through the transparent cover, you can observe the grinding process and get coarse or fine dust. Grinding Capacity: about 50g-200g one time. And the different grinding time makes the dust fineness different. When grinding, the smoke-like particles you see are actually fine dust, Not Smoke.
šŸ”°Clean & MaintenancešŸŸ¢1. Don’t wash the grinding cup with water directly or rinse the motor base. Please Use a brush or dry cloth for cleaning. 2. Recommend rest about 60 seconds after using for every 30-45 seconds for better motor maintenance. 3. Recommend the ingredients to be ground should cover the blade and not exceed 2/3 of the grinding cup.
šŸ”°One-Button Start, Easy to UsešŸŸ¢Just press the ON/OFF button to start grinding job and release the button, the grinding will stop immediately. STEPS: 1. Pour the coffee beans into the grinder (not exceed 2/3 of the grinding cup at a time); 2. Close the upper cover tightly to make sure it is locked. (When in use, the cover must be closed tightly) ; 3. Press the button to start working, 10s pause once; 4. Cut off the power and pour out the powder.

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