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List Price: $19.99
Tester Price: $11.99 (40% Off)
40% Off!

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Effortlessly integrates into your sink setup with a hassle-free installation process, providing a hygienic solution that’s not only effective but also easy to set up.
BUILT-IN ELEGANCE: Seamlessly integrates into your sink design, providing a sleek and modern look that enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.
EFFORTLESS DISPENSING: User-friendly design for smooth and mess-free soap dispensing, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency in your daily routine.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability, resisting wear and tear even with regular use.
VERSATILE SOAP DISPENSER: Dispenses 17 ounces of both luxurious foam soap and traditional liquid soap, providing a versatile solution that suits your preference for a superior handwashing experience.