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Made in USA and Imported
Vintage style Aromatherapy Locket Pendant for essential oil / perfume. Each piece of essential oil diffuser necklace is beautifully crafted and design that is appealing to various gender and age groups. Aroma pendant diffuser is one of the latest hot selling innovative product for 2017.

Good Quality Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace with Enchanting Design. Each aromatherapy necklace comes with a wide range of multipurpose accessories a 5 coloured pads, 2 glow in the dark coloured translucent inserts, 1 silver chain, 1 leather necklace strap, 1 keychain hook for ornaments.

With the diffuser charm necklace with a variety of different scent pads, you can wear your favourite scent around your neck all day. And brighten up your day every day =)

Using different essential oils scents can help in various health symptoms like headache, breathing discomforts, concentration issues, anxiety, stress and tension symptoms. With essential oil diffuser necklace you can enjoy therapeutic healing anytime anywhere, suitable for kids as well.