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⚡【Customized Retractable Charging Cables】Car charger equipped with two retractable charging cables(one Type-C and one Lightning cable), each extending up to 31.5 inches, Retractable car charger ensures convenient access for passengers in the back seat, eliminating cable clutter and the inconvenience of forgetting charging cables.
⚡【4 in 1 Retractable Car Charger】Car charger adapter with a maximum power output of (100W+20W), our car charger boasts a USB-C port and USB port, enabling safe charging for up to four devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to waiting for slow charges—our charger is five times faster, delivering rapid, on-the-go power when you need it most.
⚡【Flexible 180-Degree Charging Plug】Fast car charge’s charging plug offers a unique 180-degree adjustable design, allowing for effortless and secure use. Even on bumpy roads, the plug remains securely in place, ensuring uninterrupted charging on your travels.
⚡【Intelligent Safety Features and Premium Build】Featuring advanced smart chips with over-current and short-circuit protection, our car charger safeguards your devices from potential damage during charging. Constructed from durable Aluminum and ABS materials, the shell ensures longevity and reliability. Moreover, the car charger activates only when the vehicle is running, preserving your car battery and providing peace of mind.
⚡【Multi-Fast Charging Protocol Certification】Fast car charge compatible with devices supporting PD, QC3.0, AFC, MTK, and FCP, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, all smartphones, iPads, AirPods, wireless charger, nintendo switch, camera and other equipment. Universal for 12-24V vehicles, adapt to mainstream vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, trucks, RV.