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Tester Price: $9.99 (40% Off)
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Safe material—food grade platinum silicone material, made of non-toxic safe material, free of BPA.
Lightweight-the whole straw cup is lightweight, the surface of the cup is smooth, and the soft silicone material makes it feel comfortable. The flexible straw has a large aperture of 10mm.
Fall-resistant and durable-leak-proof, drip-proof, splash-proof straw cup will not break when dropped, that is, it is safe and can be used for a long time.
Spill-proof and leak-proof-when your toddler tilts the cup, liquid will not flow out of the lid, and the leak-proof cap and stopper greatly reduce leakage problems.
Easy to clean-easy to disassemble and clean thoroughly, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher or by hand, say goodbye to fragile glasses.

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