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APLAGE by AMORE PACIFIC: APLAGE is the brightest part of the sun and will make your skin glow!
4 Essence bottles in One: Unlike other toner pads, APLAGE pads are fully soaked in antioxidant essence to maximize the toning and brightening effect.
The Benefits of Yuzu and Grapefruit: The synergy of Vitamin C-rich Yuzu and Vitamin E-rich Grapefruit rejuvenates and hydrates your skin without any irritation.
Skin tone evened out by 7.69%: APLAGE provides an instant toning effect. Lab tests resulted in an improvement of skin tone by 7.69% in just 2 weeks. (Results may vary depending on the skin type)
Vegan-Certified Biodegradable Pads: Made with 100% plant-derived ingredients, this product is vegan-friendly and biodegradable.
Product Usages: Daily treatment for sensitive skin / Exfoliating for acne-prone skin / Hydrating and moisturizing for dry skin / Brightening and toning for all skin types
What You Get: APLAGE YUZAMONG C Essence Toner Pads (60 Pads), Plastic Tweezers for sanitary use

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