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【Effectively remove stains】 mirocar car wash powder can effectively remove dust, oil stains, shellac, bird droppings and other pollutants on the surface of the car. Let your car take on a new look.
【Powerful cleaning, no damage to car paint】 Using high-efficiency active ions, it can effectively remove stains on the car body. The car wash powder contains a glazing protectant, and it is used together with a patented towel to make the car paint smoother and more translucent.
【Neutral formula, car washing does not hurt your hands】 It adopts a neutral weak alkaline formula, which does not damage the skin and is more suitable for washing the car by yourself.The towel for mirocar car washes uses a special weave method, has a design patent certificate and a utility model patent certificate. The use of microfiber can absorb dust 7 times its own weight, capture micron-level dust, and make The car body is cleaner and more thorough.
【Innovative products, powdered car wash shampoo】Just add a cup of water of about 330ml, add a pack of mirocar car car wash powder to make a weak alkaline gel solution that does not hurt the skin, and then you can start wiping. With the special folding towel for mirocar car, With 12 wiping surfaces, the vehicle can be wiped without repeatedly washing the towel. Clean your car anytime, anywhere.
【Small size, large capacity】 Each pack of mirocar car wash powder can be dissolved into 16 ounces of car wash liquid, and each pack of car wash powder can clean a car. There are 14 packages that can be diluted into 224 ounces of car wash liquid, which can wash 14 cars. You only need Pay for two trips to the car wash shop to wash the car.